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Cardio vs. Strength

Is one better then the other?

So many people have been asking me what’s better cardio or strength training? If you know me, you know right away my answer is I LOVE STRENGTH TRAINING. There’s a reason why I love it. But I also love cardio aka soulcycle.

Yes, I said it and I’ll continue to say it. Strength training helps muscle mass, burn more calories and CONTINUES to burn calories after your workout. You could be sitting in your car or at home after a workout and still be burning calories. Strength training focuses on the “long-term” fat loss.

Yes, when you do cardio you’re still burning calories at that normal steady state. Once you are done with cardio, you go right back to your normal metabolic rate.

I love cardio for it’s reasons. To increase cardiovascular endurance and burn body fat quick.

If I had a client who is on a weight loss program, then I would assign 30 min. (minimum) cardio 3-4x a week into their program and supplement it with strength training.

As you start to build a program yourself or your trainer (highly recommended) you’ll start to notice an increase in your strength. WOW! You’ve also noticed that your jeans are fitting better. But what’s so amazing about strength training is that it is SUPPORTING your body. If you’re in and out of the gym working on your back, your building up your posture. Then you start to focus on that balance of your upper body so you work on your chest. You then start to do unilateral leg exercises and notice that your balance has gotten better. You’ve also reported a decrease in low back pain from your desk job because you’ve built your glute muscles.

It’s not always about the aesthetics but about your body’s well being.

I absolutely hate hearing that, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. As females, it is extremely HARD for us to build muscle as males do. WHY? Because we lack the amount of testosterone male’s have. (We have 1/10 of what they have.) So if you see a female who happens to look “bulky” she’s working REALLY hard to look like that. How so? She is on a specific diet and on multiple supplements.

I’ve been lifting weights since I was 18 and I am no where bulky or manly looking.
Females who strength train will build long and lean muscles. (Obviously accompanying with stretching.)

What do I recommend.. cardio or strength training?

In general, strength training.

With strength training, you’re increasing your metabolic rate therefore burning more calories even when you’re not exercising.

Cardio is great for overall health and fitness. Cardiovascular exercise has it’s benefits such as improved blood circulation, increase in bone density, improve sleep and decrease anxiety. If you are seeking to lose weight, cardio needs to be supported by a healthy diet to change the body.

SIDENOTE** I actually did a lot of cardio (soulcycle) last year and noticed that I lost a lot of my muscle mass. I basically called my arms spaghetti, which I don’t think is attractive. I was a perfect example of doing too much cardio and not enough strength training to support it. Ever since I got a macros coach, I’ve been back to my strength training routine and have been feeling great! I’ve been building up my strength and decreased my body fat. And I still do my cardio about 3x a week!

ANOTHER SIDENOTE ** Your body won’t change unless you’re diet is right. When I say diet I don’t mean those fad diets. You must eat clean and stop eating CRAP! You’ll then understand what food will agree with your body and your likes/dislikes.

It is a process but also an experiment for yourself. I didn’t understand what reacted well with my body and what didn’t. Dairy always make me bloated and causes breakout on skin. I can’t have too acidic food or else my mouth starts to break out in sores and I get sick. What works for someone may not work for you! So trust YOUR PROCESS and YOUR JOURNEY!

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