Train now and benefit later .. you know, when you are an old fart

An untrained human body will reach its physiological peak in its early twenties. Sometime around age forty, bad things begin to happen. Muscles shrink. Fat accumulates. Starting at fifty, that untrained body will lose 1 to 2 percent of its muscle mass per year, and 10 percent or more per decade. Strength declines twice as fast as muscle tissue. And power declines even faster than strength.

So when I say it’s more important to train as you get older, I’m not talking about establishing a best-ever bench press or winning a push-up contest or developing six-pack abs. If those things happen, great. But they aren’t as important as regaining what you’ve already lost, or building what you never had. You’ll see in the next few chapters just how adaptable the human body is in midlife and beyond.

Research shows that muscles can be built, strength can be improved, power can be restored, and fat can be lost at any age that’s been studied. Alwyn’s daily experience at Results Fitness confirms that hardworking men and women can make extraordinary improvements to their appearance and performance. There’s just one catch: Time is no longer on your side.

If you already feel the encroachment of age, weight, or misfortune, you need to do something. You can’t do anything about yesterday, but with each passing year “tomorrow” becomes a less attractive option.

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